Tutorial – Five-strand Square Braid

At CNCH this year I met Ingrid who was demonstrating finger loop braiding and giving classes to passersby in the vendor hall.

Now I would have had to have some kind of super high speed camera to catch Ingrid as she never stood still….and I didn’t manage to catch her!

Her lessons were highly popular and she was on the go all day. She tells me that she has seen my braiding tutorials here and that she is going to make some YouTube videos too to teach her braids – excellent!

One of Ingrid’s students at the show was kind enough to let me film her making a five-strand square braid and so I can share that with you all here – I LOVE finger loop braids – I used two strands of each of two colors and  one strand of a third color.



  1. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this braid without using the finger loop method because I work in metal and finger loop braiding doesn’t seem to work with anything higher than 24 gauge wire any help would be greatly appreciated

    • I am sorry but I have never thought about a way to do it without using loops.

      • I’ve looked all over the place and have found a couple of tutorials but they want 7-10$ for them I was hoping to find a way not to have to buy them one is called the Dyack weave an the other is called vertebraid and I know they are just square braid but I can seem to figure them out I have the herringbone braid down but it just creates half of what I want

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