I. FAQ 9 – How do I open the sheds on a narrow warp?

On a narrow warp, you are quite often working with simple string heddles and a shed loop. The following video shows you how to open your sheds:

I have a new video on Operating a Backstrap Loom which is available for streaming or as a dvd from Taproot Video. View the preview here.




  1. Hi, maybe it will be a stupid question, but this is my very first time of using any loom. I started to follow the FAQ’s step-by-step instructions, and now I cannot understand where the two middle chopsticks are gone which were in ‘FAQ7 – How do I make continuous string heddles?’.

    Can you help me, have I made something wrong or miss something?

    I would really appreciate the answer, thank you in advance, and wish you good day!

    • Hi and welcome to you new weaver. The FAQ’s are not meant to be step-by-step instructions that you study from #1 to #2 and so on. They are just there to address questions that frequently arise and often one FAQ is not at all a follow-on from the preceding one. I suggest you look at my article on WeaveZine:


      This will help you understand what purpose those sticks serve and why they disappear. The short answer is…those sticks hold the cross while you make your string heddles and install a shed rod or shed loop. Once you have done that the sticks can be removed.

  2. Hello, Thank you very much for your quick response and welcome 🙂
    I think I should be on that point, where it is lucky I am stopped by following FAQ step-by-step mode 🙂
    I think now with that instruction, I ‘caught the thread’ – BIG BIG THANKS!!!!!
    Oh and your works are awesome – they were, what indicated me to learn this technique 🙂

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