U. FAQ 21 – How do I finish a band with fringe?

Here’s one way to finish a band securely and leave a fringe…

finishing the band step 1I have just passed the weft for the second last time. It has been passed through the shed from left to right. I have placed a tapestry needle within the shed.

???????????????????????????????I have opened the next shed, beaten, and passed the weft from right to left. This is the final weft shot.

finishing step 3Now I need to secure the weft. I have threaded the needle with the weft and will pull it through the shed. I take it about three-quarters of the way across and then pull it out of the back of the band. The tail can then be cut.

finishing step 4I have beaten well again in the last open shed so that you can’t tell that there are two shots of weft together in the second last shed. You will see the odd weft turn on the left hand side where the weft has traveled “backwards” into the shed on the tapestry needle. If my weft color matched the border, as it normally does, you would not notice this at all. For this demo, I have chosen a contrast color for the weft. To finish, I like to open one more shed and beat just to enclose that final weft shot within its shed.

Now you can just leave the band with its fringe knowing that the weaving has been secured.

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