Operating a Backstrap Loom VIDEO

My new video on Operating a Backstrap Loom is available for streaming or as a dvd from Taproot Video. View the preview here.





Some reviews have been coming in….

Laverne, the video is amazing. There are some things I was doing right and lots I was doing wrong. Your Operating a Backstrap Loom video is helping me to be better. Being able to see the way it should work is such an immense help. The free warping video answered questions I didn’t even know I had. Thank you. Thank you for this and everything you do for backstrap weaving. Michael.
Your DVD arrived in the mail yesterday. And you did it — jumped right through the computer and showed me new things and reinforced things you showed me in person back in Sydney! Jim.
The perfect intro to backstrap weaving. Well done and not at all tedious with unwanted repetition. Good upclose video so you can see what the hands are doing clearly. Three thumbs up. Paula.
Finally got a chance to watch my Operating a Backstrap Loom DVD. It’s terrific! Clear, concise and friendly. Armed with Laverne’s website, books, DVD and presence on Rav, any weaver is ready to jump into backstrap weaving. Many thanks, Laverne and Taproot! 31Birds.
I received my dvd yesterday and watched it today. Thank you for such a clear video. Your presentation is excellent and I learned so much. You have left me feeling that it’s time to collect up some sticks and get going with this technique. I need to make or find a backstrap first!! Thanks for a job well done. hillskimmer.

I just got my copy and it is the next best thing to having Laverne in your home (which she was last October) 🌞

Thank you, Laverne, for being such an inspiration and wonderful teacher!

(To those who don’t weave — you can always dance to the music! 🎼) Mary Catherine.

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