Pattern Charts-Simple Warp Floats

A full tutorial for this technique with step-by-step photos and video can be seen here.

Here are the charts for two of the projects I presented in the Beyond Bands-Weaving Wide post. The first pattern is the knot design that I wove on my placemat and the second has the designs on the bookmark.

placemat ''knot'' design

bookmark design

This pre-Columbian design was featured in this blog post.

I really hope you get to these patterns in a project. 🙂

Look at the PAGES list on the sidebar on my blog’s main page  for more pattern chart pages or click on these links:

South American and African mug rug patterns in double weave

Mexican mug rug patterns in double weave

Llama motifs in double weave (embedded in the bookmark post)



  1. thank you ,Laverne
    I like the knot pattern most but the bookmark design is also very nice .

  2. These are such nice charts – Thankyou!

  3. For years, I have had this dream to weave on a backstrap to loom. Knowing this dream of mine, a friend sent me your web site address. Your work and commitment to the art is to be commended.

    My husband made me the parts to the loom several years ago and I tried very hard to get set up to weave. I became frustrated and gave up. Now, with your website, I know I could be sucessful with a second attempt.

    The only thing that is holding me back, is knowing just what kind of yarn to buy to have the best result. What do you suggest?

    I can’t thank you enough for your providing this information so I will be able to fulfill my life time dream. (some people dream of fancy vacations, nice cars, diamonds, I want to weave on a back strap loom. Given the choice between all of the riches, this is what I would chose)

    • Hi Donna, a big ”yay” for your friend for thinking of your dream and sending you my blog address. I wonder if you have seen my article on WeaveZine….

      The article has a lot of photos as well as videos and will give you tips for warping and opening the sheds.

      As for yarns I recommend sing mercerized cotton to start out with -a medium weight around 12 wpi. wpi= wraps per inch-the number of times the yarn wraps around a ruler in the space of one inch) Sugar and Creme and Peaches and Cream cottons are this weight but they are NOT MERCERIZED and therfore, I DO NOT recommend them as they pill and shred a lot. Try to get something mercerized at least for the first projects. Later when you have more experience with using your heddle, you could try unmercerized. Mercerized crochet cotton is good too. I use that almost all the time.
      Let me know how you go. I would love to see you fulfill this dream. You could also join the Backstrap Group at Weavolution-the link is on the sidebar of my blog. And……..take it slowly and please contact me if you have any questions at all.

  4. I dug my backstrap loom out yesterday and I am trying to chose a project. I signed up for weavolution but haven’t seen the weavezine site yet, someting tells me I’m headed there next.
    I so admire and am thankful for your dedication.

    I did archaeology for 28 years and my interest in archaeology was always textiles. The backstrap loom is something I can connect with. I like to touch the threads I’m working with and backstrap weaving allows me to do this.

    I’m hoping to have a pattern chosen and yarn ordered tonight. Please send positive thoughts my way.

    • Hi Donna,
      Getting closer……..Yes, please do read the WeaveZine article and epecially watch the videos so you can see all the movements involved. Go ahead and choose a pattern but put it aside for the time being. You should start off with a plain narrow project as I show in the WeaveZine article just to get accustomed to sitting in the loom and coordinating opening the sheds, passing the weft and beating. Work on making yourself as comfortable as possible and having your loom tied up to a good secure place.
      There is an ”advice” thread in the forum at Weavolution. I hope you will read that as it will give you an idea of how you should progress.-basically, slowly. A narrow band, followed by a plain backstrap before you start thinking about patterns. Learn and practice the basic skills for operating the loom first.
      I hope you will introduce yourself in theWeavolution forum as there are many people there who will cheer you and give you advice.

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  6. […] is using the double bird design from coastal Ecuador and a hook design that I adapted. He also sent me a picture of himself at his loom. I LOVE getting photos like […]

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  8. Hi Laverne been checking out your blog very nice have been playing around with backstrap weaving. one thing I am not understanding how do you warp for pick up patterns please

    • Hi Manuel,

      There is no standard warping for “pick-up”patterns. It varies and depends on which particular structure you want to weave. All the tutorials for weaving patterns on my blog explain how to create the warp. It’s just a matter of choosing the structure you want and following the instructions and links.

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