Posted by: lavernewaddington | April 15, 2016

Backstrap Weaving – Gallery

I have had little loom time this week. But, I did spend some time at the warping board and wound the warp for the second purple wool panel. I finished the first a few weeks ago and took a break from such large projects spending time weaving lanyards. That was a lot of fun.

All I need to do is make the string heddles and this project will be ready to go. The patterns are in a supplemental-warp structure which requires two sheds and a lot of pick-up. I feel that the process is easier ”mechanically” than complementary-warp pick-up as there  is greater distance between each pattern warp. Because of this, there is less risk of crossing pattern warps when selecting them and I don’t, therefore, need to set up a picking cross for each row. Not having to open two sheds for every pick to form the picking cross means less abrasion and a much smoother process overall which is particularly helpful when working with wool.

Here’s the first panel in its early days…

start f first purple wool panelThose hook patterns start swimming before your eyes.

I wove until it was as long as the brown panels I recently finished. I want these wool panels to form a set.

And here’s the new warp set up for heddle-making…well, not quite there yet. I realized that the center gold stripe was only half as wide as it should be. You can see it in the picture. I discovered this mistake by looking at this photo rather than at the warp itself. If I hadn’t wanted to take this picture for the blog, I would never had made the comparison. So, back I went to the warping stakes. As far as warping errors go, this was not a bad one.

The rest of my time was spent behind the scenes on my blog, or should I say blogS. Over two years ago, I started another blog which I intended using as a Gallery rather than as a blog to which I would regularly post updates. I haven’t been very good about building it and it has sat unattended for quite some time.

I added a few projects to it this week. They are mostly very recent things, many of which I wove this summer. It has quite a different format to this blog and allows me to post quite large pictures. I hope you will take a moment to go over and look at it. You will find it here.

In the meantime, I have put together a mini gallery of thumbnail images of many of the things I have woven in recent years. I sort of needed to look over my projects and decide what I would like to have on my Gallery page. I am going to try to add things more often.

It is sweet, joyous and sometimes even sad looking back and remembering the people, places and events that influenced and inspired some of the projects and the people I was interacting with online and in person at the times that I wove them.

I look at the black and white guitar strap and think of my ex and and best friend and the music he makes. I see the thistle pattern cell phone pouch and remember my visits with Angela, my Guaraní teacher. The Montagnard patterned pouch makes me think of a special birthday spent many years ago with my friend, Lisa, when we got to weave with Ju Nie. I see the purple double weave pouch that crossed the ocean to live with a fellow weaver in Qatar.  The four-color pebble weave piece is like something from another lifetime when I lived at the southernmost tip of Chile weaving with those Patagonian winds howling outside. And, I remember a dear friend and my old roommate of two years, Teresa, who passed away just last week, when I see the red and white wall hanging that I made for her many years ago..

I will leave you here this week with that collection of thumbnail images….

ScreenHunter_38 Apr. 10 16.48ScreenHunter_40 Apr. 10 16.49ScreenHunter_60 Apr. 10 16.57ScreenHunter_41 Apr. 10 16.49ScreenHunter_53 Apr. 10 16.54ScreenHunter_56 Apr. 10 16.55ScreenHunter_58 Apr. 10 16.56ScreenHunter_39 Apr. 10 16.48ScreenHunter_43 Apr. 10 16.50ScreenHunter_44 Apr. 10 16.50ScreenHunter_46 Apr. 10 16.51ScreenHunter_47 Apr. 10 16.51ScreenHunter_48 Apr. 10 16.52ScreenHunter_49 Apr. 10 16.52ScreenHunter_51 Apr. 10 16.52ScreenHunter_52 Apr. 10 16.53ScreenHunter_54 Apr. 10 16.55ScreenHunter_55 Apr. 10 16.55ScreenHunter_57 Apr. 10 16.56ScreenHunter_59 Apr. 10 16.56ScreenHunter_61 Apr. 10 16.57ScreenHunter_62 Apr. 10 16.58ScreenHunter_63 Apr. 10 16.58ScreenHunter_64 Apr. 10 16.59ScreenHunter_65 Apr. 10 16.59ScreenHunter_66 Apr. 10 16.59ScreenHunter_67 Apr. 10 17.00ScreenHunter_70 Apr. 10 18.13ScreenHunter_71 Apr. 10 18.13ScreenHunter_72 Apr. 10 18.14ScreenHunter_73 Apr. 10 18.14ScreenHunter_75 Apr. 10 21.19ScreenHunter_77 Apr. 10 21.50ScreenHunter_78 Apr. 10 21.51ScreenHunter_79 Apr. 10 21.51







  1. Wow! What else can anyone say? This gallery (mini?!!!) is truly amazing, Laverne. It looks like the entire stock of a shop to rival the CCTC one in Cusco. You weave magic on your backstrap looms. Keep up the good work in the weaving and the wowing!

  2. “Not having to open two sheds for every pick to form the picking cross means less abrasion and a much smoother process overall which is particularly helpful when working with wool.”

    Dear Laverne,
    thank you very much for this helpful hint! Last week I wove a wider piece of uncabled cotton crochet yarn with a complementary warp pattern from your second book. I used two swords to make a picking cross and this was too abrasive for my yarn. So I will try it again with cross sticks.

  3. maravillosos trabajos ! todas mis felicitaciones !

  4. Qué bello inventario, Laverne!!!! disfruto tanto con tus post. También aprendo mucho. Gracias siempre.

  5. You are amazing and truly inspiring! Such beautiful works of art. Thanks, Laverne!

  6. admiro tu exquisita ejecución de los textiles originarios, ya sea de Los Andes como de Asia, Me encantaría que hicieras algo con la cordelería andina, tanto para sogas (sling) como para bordes de los textiles. Gracias por compartir lo que sabes, un abrazo. Victoria

  7. The thumbnails are mind-boggling, and I’m thrilled by how many of them I just got to see in person. The gallery is a wonderful idea, and a joy to explore – I’m so glad you’re compiling your work in this way.

  8. OMG Laverne your work is so magnificent! Such fine, precise detail and all perfectly woven. The colors are glorious. Job well done! Keep it up.

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