Posted by: lavernewaddington | March 31, 2015

Backstrap Weaving – Where are you?

I’ve been getting emails and messages these last few days with a common question….WHERE ARE YOU???? Yes, I have missed a few blog posts, as I often do when I am away from home, and so here I am attepting to squeeze in a quick update.

I must warn you that there is not a whole lot of weaving related content in this post. I am, after all, simply attempting to answer the ”’Where are you?” question and I will save all the stories about new friends and fun people I have met along the way and the inevitable fibery tales for another post, if you don’t mind.

Right now, I am in the vicinity of this….

???????????????????????????????This is the view from my window on my way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After having spent six days in Florida, which had been downright refreshing after the brutal heat and humidity of the Santa Cruz summer, I had almost forgotten that yes, the USA was exiting a hard winter and snow was to be expected.

I had been looking at the small, odd and widely scattered patches of white from the plane window as we left Newark thinking that they might be salt lakes (!) and then remembered as we drew closer to Boston, where the white patches grew and started to merge one into the other, that Massachusetts had experienced record-breaking snowfalls this winter….duh!

???????????????????????????????I spent a weekend in New York city. Ah, ”if I can make it there”…..! :-)I was excited to be staying on the 15th floor of an apartment building in Manhattan with glimpses from my bedroom window of the Manhattan Bridge and the river. It was cold outside. I felt quite the silly tourist as I headed out to meet weavers  wrapped in a scarf and clad in my friend’s long, well-padded winter coat but with my bare toes exposed to the elements in sandals.

Picture by Sally Ogren

Picture by Sally Ogren at the guild meeting…indoors… warm, toasty and welcoming.

And just a week before this I was here, in an area that my friend, Berna, nostalgically calls ”old Florida”….a place where old oak trees dripping with Spanish moss line beautiful Lake Yale…

???????????????????????????????This was the venue for the annual Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference.

Strolling the lake shore in the cool, soft, early hours of the morning was my favorite way to start the days that were, in typical conference style, crammed with activity. It gave me time to think and get my head together before approaching a day of weaving.

??????????????????????????????? And whenever I got the feeling that I wasn’t quite alone out there, I was usually right…

???????????????????????????????And then the sun would make its glorious appearance, I would feel its heat and it would be time to head to breakfast and get charged with the energy and excitement of all my fellow weavers heading off to refine tapestry weaving skills, learn about the Quigley structure, study boundweave, dye skeins in multiple colors and play with cashmere…just to name a few of the workshop options that were on offer.

???????????????????????????????Well, okay, I will show you one textile thing before I go. I made some cuffs and have been wearing these while weaving. When attention is focused on what my hands are doing in amongst the warp threads, it is nice to have some prettiness on my wrists. I am really pleased with these. They are all fastened with snaps. You might remember that the brown one was a four-selvedge experiment and so it does not have any raw edges to deal with. The others are woven with fine thread with three selevedges and I was able to turn the one raw edge over and hem it without creating excessive bulk.

??????????????????????I definitely want to make more of these and have been inspired to make some very colorful ones by something that one of my weaving friends showed me. You will have to wait until the next post to see that.

So now you know where I am. As to what exactly I have been doing and what I have seen, there is too much to tell right now! It’s time to get ready for a fun day of weaving tomorrow. See you soon.












  1. Hi Laverne – interesting that you are in NY – I’m heading to NJ/NY in a week. I’ll be spending a few days with long time friends (since we were 5) “down the shore” as they say in NJ, then up to northern NJ for our 50th High School reunion and then topping it off with 4 days in the city hitting as many museums as we can fit in. I can’t wait – but I must admit packing is a bit of a challenge. I’ll be leaving 95º weather in PHX and facing highs of maybe 60 with nights in the 30-40ºs. Anything I should see in the city? hugs, Virginia

  2. Bring us some water when you come to CA! We are dry, dry, dry.

  3. Hi,
    Always enjoying your posts. Even more I enjoy your books and thank to you I could convert tablet weaving to weaving on the loom. This time I wanted to ask: I liked your jacket you were wearing, I assume it is woven. Can you write me and describe the design? How is it in the back? Is it all straight lines?
    Thanks, Pnina (from Israel)

  4. Beautiful pictures! We loved having you here in Florida! Have fun in Ohio! 🙂

  5. Love your jacket. It suits you!


  6. Hi Laverne: I love that woven jacket you are wearing in photo 3. Can you tell me more about it? Have fun!Cheryl

    Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 03:32:40 +0000 To:

    • Hi Cheryl:

      It was my jacket. I outgrew it, and it fits Laverne perfectly. It is a Mayan Hands jacket. The front is stripes, and the back and sleeves are ikat. It’s a kimono shape.

      Thanks, Berna

  7. Hi Laverne. So sorry to have missed you in NY. I had been looking forward to meeting you there all year, and then work took me out of town that weekend of all weekends! Hopefully you’ll make it back to the New York area again sometime. Ria

  8. I love the cuffs too.

  9. You jet setter you! So glad you were able to stop in FL.Meeting you was the highlight! We wove so much, and yes, it was jam packed with activity. Those cuffs are beautiful.

  10. Laverne, I have recently found your blog, and am getting inspired. I haven’t done anything like this for about 20 years…was in the Society for Creative Anachronism in the late ’80s-early ’90s. My local library is doing an introductory seminar series on textile crafts, and this has reminded me I used to like doing this! Thank you for sharing your passion.

    • Welcome to backstrap weaving and welcome back to textile and ffibery things. Thanks for the kind comments!

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